Maggie Rose  "Girl In Your Truck Song"  (RPM)
Jason Aldean  "Burnin' It Down"  (Broken Bow/Sony)
Don Williams  "Back To Simple Things"  (Sugar Hill)
Joey & Rory  "Love Your Man"  (Sugar Hill)

Nick Brinkley  "River Wide"  (PSB)
Jackie Morris  "Come And Gone"  (Ind)
Mustered Courage  "Rosa"  (Travianna)
Shovels & Rope  "Pinned"  (Dualtone)
Junior Gordon  "County Fair"  (Ind)
Mary Sarah w/Merle Haggard  "Mama Tried"  (144 Entertainment)
3 West  "Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man"  (Ind)
Jason Cassidy  "Take It Off"  (A Blake)
Chris Gougler  "On A Mission From Hank"  (Ind)
Da Cole  "Red Light Green Light"  (Durango Music)
Alan Jackson  "Her Life's A Song"  (Arista Nashville)
Joey & Rory  "Your Man Loves You Honey"  (Nine North)
Mary Kaye  "The Golden Thread"  (Knaphus Enterprises)
Lucas Hoge  "Flip Flops"  (Reviver)

Brad Morgan  "Catching Nothing But A Buzz"  (Ind)
Jerrod Niemann  "Buzz Back Girl"  (Sea Gayle/Arista Nashville)
Junior Gordon  "Country Fair"  (Ind)
Canaan Smith  "Love You Like That"  (Mercury Nashville)
Chris Bellamy  "Bubbafied"  (Ind)
Kevin Fowler  "Panhandle Poorboy"  (Ind)
Ace Diamond  "Baddest Gunslingin' Man"  (Allagash Country)
Maddie & Tae  "Girl In A Country Song"  (Dot)
David Loving  "Naked Sunday"  (Tall Horse)
Billy Gilman  "Say You Will"  (Gallant Fox)
Jamie Jones  "Soulshine"  (Render)
David Langston  "Freedom Everyday"  (Ind)
Chase Likens  "Caught In A Storm"  (Silver Tongue)
Eric Von  "I Can't Help But Smile"  (HMG)
Kate McRae  "Warning Label"  (Ind)

Craig Morgan  "We'll Come Back Around"  (Black River)
George Ducas  "All Kinds Of Crazy"  (Loud Ranch)
Chris Lane  "Broken Windshield View"  (Big Loud Mountain)
Iron Cowboy  "Flyaway Friday"  (Ind)
Florida Georgia Line  "Dirt"  (Republic Nashville)
Richard Lynch  "We Drink A Lot Alike"  (Twang Thang Country/Jukebox Junkie)
Corblund  "Shine Up My Boots"  (New West)
Jack Clement  "Baby Is Gone"  (IRS Nashville)
Kristian Bush  "Trailer Hitch"  (Streamsound)
James Carothers  "New Country Singers"  (Ind)
Brett Eldredge  "Mean To Me"  (Ind)
Joyce Shaffer  "Good Morning God"  (Red Boot)
Miss Jeannie  "Fool Chain"  (Megalith)
Mitch Goudy  "Ain't My Fault"  (3rd Floor)
RaeLynn  "God Made Girls"  (Republic Nashville)
6 Degrees West  "She Got Me There"  (Ind)
Adam Cook  "Can't Forget Your Kids"  (Ind)
Lance Carpenter  "Front Porch Frame Of Mind"  (Ind)
Coleman Crawford  "19 Beers To Tulsa"  (Ind)
Owen Howell  "Let's Start A Party"  (Ind)

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