The Top40 section of New Music Weekly is really heating up considering that this year just got started. Never have we seen such activity than that of the new Lady Gaga single. “Born This Way” (Interscope) has hit the format in a very big way and it comes to radio a few days after her performance of the song on the Grammy Awards. I guess the timing and that egg she came out of did the trick. Pink is also heating things up for 2011. Her new single “F’kin Perfect” (LaFace/Zomba) might not be the best song to sing to your children but our music and programmers find that this track has quite a bit of “hit potential”. “Sing” (Reprise/WEA) from My Chemical Romance is also “on fire” at Top40. This act has become quite the popular band and watch for some big weeks ahead for this one. We are also getting some solid reports on newcomer John Jones. His debut “People That You See” (Key Of J) is “off like a rocket”. The Goo Goo Dolls are still going strong at pop radio. “Not Broken” (WB/WEA) is one if their best tracks to date. We’ll keep a watchful eye on this one in the weeks to come. Maroon Five are also having a solid run at Top40 radio. “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” (Octone/J) is the single that is making huge waves everywhere it’s being spun. “Winter Morning” (615) from recording artist Jeff Lionheart is also a one to watch for. It’s been spending some time on our “most added” chart and that’s a solid indicator that there is something special going on here. Brittney Spears is back and in a big way. Here new single “Hold It Against Me” (Jive/Zomba) has been at the top of our “most added” for weeks now and there is no stopping her. I just caught the video which they just completed and it should help move that along towards the top of the charts in record time. Bruno Mars continues to be as hot as any young artist can be at radio. His single “Grenade” (Elektra/WEA) is a huge hit and he’s also got “Just The Way You Are” getting loads of spins as well. Recording artist Sara Bareilles is also getting some action at the format for her new “Uncharted” (Epic/Sony) single. Enrique Iglesias is back on top with a solid Top40 hit single. This time out he’s joined by Ludacris for the highly charged and successful “Tonight” (Interscope). The track took awhile to really take hold at radio, but once it did there is no dropping this song from the playlist. Livy High is a name that you many not be that familiar with but that is set to change. “Stay” (Romanfall) is a cut that many of our radio programmers are starting to spin. It’s getting some rather impressive reports so this one could end up being a “must add”. The Far East Movement w/Ryan Tedder is also an act to keep a watchful eye and ear on. “Rocketeer” (Cherrytree/Interscope) is the single that many are raving about so you might want to put that back in the weekly music meeting. “Stockholm Street” (Dark Moon) from Phil Celia is also “on the move”. We’ll see how that one plays out in the coming weeks but so far, so good. Newcomer Sophie Aboud is also making quite the name at radio. “Fuel The Fire” is the new gem from her and we hear that it’s getting strong calls everywhere that it’s being spun. Newcomer Tina Dico is making quite the name for herself. Her ”Love All Around” has been making some impressive waves. Also making ground is Sarah Donner who has a solid good thing going as her “Treeline” single takes flight. The multi-talented Vincenza DeCesare also has a hit single on her hands with “Setting Free” (Orange). There could be a battle brewing for all of these talented ladies as they fight towards the top of the charts. Sean Breed w/ Flagg are also getting their just due as “Superstar” (Selym) is “on the move”. This is our big CRS issue and I look forward to breaking bread (or just doing shots) with the many programmers that are here representing mainstream radio.
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