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Jerry Butler and his Fans

My heart and sole is Country Music. I started that journey whe I was eleven years old. My mother and dad was musicians and all their families were. My mom bought my first guitar when I was eleven from a Montgomery Wards Catalog.I learned to play on that guitar and when I was thirteen I worked for a farmer for 50 cents a day and told him not to pay me until I had $30.00. So that's what he did.
When I got payed My dad took me to town and I bought my first real guitar(not sayin the montgomery wards guitar wasn't real but it was just to learn on and cut my fingers up with... lol.)
The Guitar I bought was a 1956 Harmony Sovereign.
I played onstage the first time when I was 14 and I was hooked right then. Dad was a member of the VFW so he got me to play for them. From there it went to night clubs and on to Calif. where I won talent shows at the Golden Embers in Rialto and they sent me to The Palimino in Hollywood and I won that talent show. When I was about 26 or 27 years old I got to be a guest in the old reiman (Grand Old Opry.)
Then I came back to Arkansas and I met Mick Moody at BJay Records in Van Buren, Arkansas. That's where I met Olin Franklin (Song Writer) I worked with Olin Franklin and Mick Moody From 1971 to 1998. That's when I got my own Studio and now I do all my own recording, although Olin Franklin is still with me and also Bobby Crown who lives in Fort Worth, Texas. Bobby Crown is a song writer and Artist and has been with me for about 10 years.
So most of my songs are all original.I have been in the music business for approx. 50 years give or take a year or two.
Some may think I'm too old for this but I feel just as strong about my music as I did 50 years ago.
I think I can handle anything that the Music field wants to dish out to me.
I've had records on the air, never had a big hit but I won't let that stop me. I think I have got some pretty good material right now, and if I can get them played I think they will go.
Well, I guess that's enough for now. Never could write about myself anyway.

Here are some of the fan letters to Jerry:

Holworks says
This song is beautiful too Jerry. You are a master storyteller on that basic fundamental level so many people lack in your genre. You sing your soulspeak, you catch the listener with a captivating baritone that is so pleasing to listen to. Very few can do it like you Jerry, I do not care who they are.-Mark

Holworks says
I think this is so beautiful Jerry. I feel your anguish, tortured soul longing, and hopelessness of the loss and also the hopeful bright spot in the memory of her. I think that is awesome. Everything a stellar country song should be including the musicianship. The piano accentuates. I like that as I use that same technique. Nice song for me to listen to Jerry.-Mark

Holworks says
Jerry Butler in The Key opens with the steel guitar and this tearful voice that tells me he has given his heart and key to a special someone with whom he hopes to see again real soon. As with any great country song, there is this tremendous circumstance and the resolution in story. Your playing is excellent, where's my beer and handkerchief as I think I need both. I am happy to hear the piano - thanks for being on Music Nation. Cool music Jerry!

Holworks says
Jerry Butler in I'm Always Missing You is more up tempo than The Key yet has this same affiliation to the heart. I love the fiddle, harmonies, music, and vision. There is just enough music to fill the words or there are enough words to fill the music, take your pick. The natural setting is almost like I am sitting on the back porch watching the kids swing from the old oak branches and a portable phone next to me hoping she'll call. Another cool song Jerry. - Mark

Holworks says
Jerry Butler in Glad I Have Known You gives me a salute to the memory of profound love and how despite the years, tribulations, and countless encounters the memory of her is still as fresh as a new rose. How is it that a person can make us exhale sharply, regress to the thought of their beauty, or hear their voice after twenty years of being apart? Jerry knows. He just told me and I listened with a duplicity of familiarity. Cool song Jerry - Mark

Holworks says
Jerry Butler in Is It Real Or Is It Memory is yet another polished picture of severe bone crushing heart ache. I really hear the emotion conveyed by the words. I have a song called Cast Iron Heart that reminds me of this situation exactly. You portray the multiple experiences of heartbreak like cool cotton shirt comfort in the afternoon sun. Nice song once again - Mark

Holworks says
Here we go, Jerry Butler on One Way Ticket brings it with a sombre picture of what a terrible time he is having in a relationship and the solution to it. It is always nice to be prepared with your bag packed and the solemn committment to not come back. I love this fun song. The harmonica is perfect to accentuate things. Your voice is insistent, earnest and clear. I bet you guys are fun to watch live. - Mark

Jerry! You deserve a "One way ticket" to the top of the music business. When the country music scene wakes up to the sound and depth of your talent and sound and rock solid lyrics, then country music can can get back on track. So many voices of so many artists from the past, can be heard in the love that you have for true country music, through your vocals. Jerry I truly pray with all my heart soul and mind, that this year will surpass all of your musical goals. BB Cane -- STS -- STS

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