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The Imperial Orgy debut is most talked about indie CD of the last year.

Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy’s debut CD Gospel Hymns For Agnostic & Atheists has stirred up a wave of controversy and in the process become the most talked about CD of the twelve months since it’s initial release.

The buzz building around the group has been spearheaded by a slew of press coverage that is rare, if not unprecedented, for an independently released CD. The coverage reached fever pitch this week when an article written by Janelle Eastridge for the Mustang Daily newspaper in San Luis Obispo, California was picked up for national syndication placing it in countless college newspapers across the U.S.

The buzz began when college radio stations began banning the CD for being too controversial for airplay. This quickly set into motion a debate about the censorship practices of college media. While Jenna Strom of the Spinnaker newspaper deemed the group “downright sacrilegious,” Sally Calcara of the Northern Iowan newspaper defended the band, "Throughout history, music has been a source of revolutionary ideas and an expression of modern thought-Caesar Pink and the Imperial Orgy is no exception."

Other writers such as Raveen Battee of the Los Angeles Loyolan described The Imperial Orgy’s music as, “ingenious and creative, striving to push the envelope to another dimension.”

Although the Gospel Hymns CD is the band’s first release, the group has a long history of activity in the New York underground. Besides their regular live performances The Imperial Orgy has presented street theater protests in front of the New York Stock exchange, created their own 12 episode TV series that has been broadcast across the U.S. and Europe, and held the legendary Imperial Orgy Erotic Masquerade Ball at Webster Hall in the East Village.

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