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Herbieman Releases

EVENT: Herbieman Releases "Together" - Official Album Presentation at Cafeina

DATE: 04/19/2012 | TIME: 10 PM

LOCATION: Cafeina - 297 NW 23rd Street, Miami, FL 33127

After five years in the making, Gervasio Goris will finally be presenting his second solo album in Cafeina, one of the coolest bar/lounges in the hip Miami Art District.
In 2003 after arriving in Miami on his sailboat he released his first solo album entitled “Little Boy” under the name Herbieman. The album created some local buzz and Gervasio played the local scene for two years.

In 2007 he opened a recording studio he called Neworld Music a worked on many musical projects for advertising agencies and independent films. But still he felt the urge to come around once again and create a wide spectrum of sounds that would represent Herbieman even better. It was then that he started recording the drum tracks for what would eventually would become “Together”.

Mixed and mastered by Goris himself using tons of analog gear and an old DDA Console, the album represents the change in Gervasio’s life that occurred since he moved to Miami. It is an album about personal growth, acceptance of ones path but mostly about commitment. Right after moving to the US, Gervasio went to a full moon drum circle where he met the woman that would in 2008 become his wife and more recently the mother to his first child. Together could be described as an album about real love, a love that transcends the Hollywood depiction of infatuation and pinpoints the beauty of sharing the path with another soul.

On April 20th, 2012 the album will hit all the major online retailers and to celebrate it Gervasio will be performing with a new lineup of the Herbieman band. The official launch party will take place at Cafeina on the eve of the launch of the album. The band plans to play all 13 songs from Together and will gift a copy of the physical CD to the first 50 people to arrive.

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